Insights | Running for SANDS in 2018

by Mike Doidge

30th January 2018




January is a predictable month in many ways. It gives rise to a number of vulnerable resolutions. For me, these tend to revolve around a healthier lifestyle, being a better parent, being a better husband, getting better at my job or trying something new. Fast forward to something like the third week in January and I’ll usually have been out running twice, my wife and I will have fallen out due to the amount of salad I’m throwing away and kids are thinking about forming a splinter group following my “use less hot water” campaign (true story).

However, this year is completely different. For a start, I had 4-weeks off work over the Christmas period. This may sound outrageous but I was due a break and on Christmas Eve my wife and I were blessed with the arrival of our daughter. Paternity leave followed. Erin is actually my third child. My boys are aged 16 and 11. I’m 40 in May. I was nearly out of the woods…….!

The year starts with different priorities. Meals out have already turned into games of “pass the crying baby” but I like most people have taken a look at the year ahead and decided what I want to get out of it. The link below will take you to details of what I will be doing on 20th May 2018 to support SANDS – the UK Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity.

Since setting the page up I’ve been struck by just how many people have had a similar experience to ours. There are so many good causes and amazing charities out there but I’m looking forward to doing something I’ve never been able to do in the past and supporting SANDS in the process.

All support is gratefully received. My eldest son assures me that my bones started to decay when I hit 30. Tough times ahead.