Insights | Elevator Pitches Made Simple

by Mike Doidge

28th February 2018

As our name suggests, Jigsaw is a services company. Clients ordinarily use us because we can offer them something they don’t have internally or perhaps they have a resource challenge and need additional capacity. This applies to our recruitment and consultancy services in equal measure.

Being a relatively new business going up against very well established agencies and consultancies means we spend a great deal of time trying to develop new relationships and tell people about what it is we actually do and crucially, why we think we have a valuable proposition.

The recruitment industry is a very competitive market. New agencies start-up on a weekly basis and everyone seems to promise the same thing. That usually entails a database packed full of the very best candidates who are all chomping at the bit for the next stage in their career. All candidates will naturally have been through a six thousand and four stage vetting process and all recruitment consultants will have a deep understanding of their client’s business and will know exactly what the role entails. (The recruitment consultant will not have been selling cars, mobile phones etc twelve-months previously).

So the question remains, why on earth would any new client use you? Why are you different? What are your values? What’s your “Elevator Pitch”?

We received an email into the office recently which for me, perfectly sums up what we are trying to achieve. We are really transparent and ALWAYS ask for a review of our service. We also ask for reviews when we haven’t managed to help someone. These reviews are usually done via social media but it just so happens this particular client wasn’t on Facebook. The email read as follows:

“Dear Ryan,

I just wanted to thank you and the Jigsaw team for the assistance and support you provided when I applied for a role that you were recruiting for.

From the initial telephone call it was obvious that you were very keen to get the best not only for the company but also for the candidates to ensure there was a good match.

You maintained contact with me throughout the process sharing your expertise and giving guidance on what to expect in the interviews and telephoning me at times you knew would be convenient.

We spoke regularly throughout the process and you were professional and friendly. When you telephoned me with the news that I had been successful I knew you were genuinely pleased  for me.

I would have no hesitation recommending Jigsaw as a recruitment agency”.

Now I am as cynical as the next person when it comes to anonymous reviews but when the email landed it immediately summed up what we are all about. That whole project encapsulated our approach. The client had come to us for help. We met with them, understood their business, they understood ours and from there Glen and I helped Ryan find the perfect candidate. Using our connections we put the candidate forward in the knowledge they would be a great fit. That’s how our business works and our connections coupled with our insight of individual roles set us apart because our roots lie in insurance, reinsurance and legal services.

And thats it. That’s our “Elevator Pitch” made simple. Jigsaw recruits for and provides consultancy services to the insurance, reinsurance and legal sectors. We treat people in the right way and use our skills, experience and connections to get the job done. Simple. If you feel you would benefit from hearing more about our services then please get in touch via and we’d be delighted to have a chat.

Finally, and most importantly, a huge well done and thank you to Ryan for receiving such a rave review.