We provide advisory services and flexible management resource to insurers, reinsurers, brokers, managing general agents, TPAs, self-insureds, law firms and suppliers within the insurance and legal industries.

Our aim is simple; to give our clients a forward thinking view on the issues they face and to use our knowledge and expertise for their benefit.

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Reinsurance claims review programmes

We are able to provide fully or partly outsourced claims review programmes for underwriters of UK businesses across quota-share, co-insurance and excess of loss treaties. We specialise in personal injury-focussed reviews and provide bespoke reports, tailored to the needs of the client. We are also experienced in the household claims area. Our approach is not simply to tell you there is a problem. We’ll tell you how to fix it, too.

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Claims audit capability

OK, we understand that the word ‘audit’ usually strikes fear into the hearts of handlers and managers alike. At Jigsaw we don’t really like the word either! That said, in order to improve any process, strategy or indemnity spend, it is vital to take stock at a given point in time, assess the good bits and the areas for improvement, give credit where it is due (an area so often overlooked) and then devise a plan to be even better next time. We are well-placed to carry out this stock take for you, or to undertake a full claims leakage programme and deliver a balanced report. We’ll even do the feedback for you, too!

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Building and improving claims teams

Our experience means we can assist startups in building a strong claims team – along with the process and supply chain – that will put you in an excellent market position. We can even run the team for you.

We also work to improve and develop existing claims teams and processes by offering reviews, continuous improvement programmes, training, development and mentoring.

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Market research and business development

If you’re considering introducing a new product or service, or just want to get a feel for how your existing offering is received, we can undertake market research on your behalf using our extensive network of industry contacts. It’s amazing just how insightful and powerful these conversations can be!

We can also make introductions and help you connect with the right people to drive your business to the next level.

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Not sure what you need?

In our experience, the best in the business are usually those who are well-connected, have their ear to the ground, are looking to innovate, and think differently to the rest of the market. We are always keen to meet new people, even if you’re certain you don’t need any help. We don’t do pushy sales pitches, we just like discussing the industry and making new connections over a coffee or something stronger. We might even pay…

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